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Schoenbauer Furniture Service, Inc. specializes in commercial and government furniture repairs and restoration services, offering a convenient alternative to costly replacement and renovation. Our skilled craftsmen meticulously remove signs of damage, age and use, virtually erasing scuffs, gouges, water rings, and dents. Even broken, water damaged and burned pieces can often be repaired to look like new.

We understand that the quality of work and service that we provide is a direct reflection on your company. With our dedication to customer satisfaction and a lifetime of experience, Schoenbauer’s will provide courteous treatment and superior craftsmanship that will gain you the appreciation and loyalty of your employees and customers.

Business Services Include:
Onsite Maintenance   //    Touchups   //    Loose Veneer   //    Scratches   //    Cigarette Burns   //    Water Marks   //    Custom Finishes and Colors   //    Refinishing and Restoration   //    Evening and Weekend Appointments   //    Pickup and Delivery    //    Onsite Estimates   




Serving MD, DC & VA