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We are 100% committed to customer satisfaction and guarantee the highest quality service. Whether you want to rebuild a piece or simply revitalize its beauty, our emphasis on customer service means we will make every attempt to give you exactly what you want. We have a reputation for honesty and fair prices, and we will be glad to discuss your projects with you.

With a large plant and a fleet of vans, we are able to offer convenient on-site estimates and repairs in your home or office throughout the greater Washington, DC/Baltimore, MD/Fredericksburg, VA tri-metro region. We also offer pick up and delivery for items that require restoration in our shop.



Schoenbauer Testimonials

Cheryl Layton & David Hartman
"As far as we and United are concerned, Schoenbauer's is the best in the country and do not hesitate to let our shippers know it."

Davidson Transfer - Barlow
"Dave was prompt and extremely knowledgeable and happy to assist us. It made the experience of having damaged furniture bearable since the technician was so great."

Allied International - Shelkey
"Great job, great customer service orientation."


Serving MD, DC & VA